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THIS IS A BORING STORY! is a narrative RTS where the player controls a group of villagers drawn on a sheet of paper. Starting with just two villagers, you must cut down trees, build huts, and grow your village. However, be wary of the eraser, as what else could be as deadly to a village made of graphite?

This game was a 3 month class project for CTIN-532 at USC under Richard Lemarchand and Peter Brinson. We had a lot of fun making this game over the semester and would love to share it!

The teamMichael Lu and Wei Zhang

We would love some feedback from people who play our game! Let us know what you think! Ask us questions, give us comments, send us bugs!

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Also, take a look at our Dev Blog to see the progression of our game!


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This is a great concept! The pencil and paper style to the game is neat and lends itself well to an RTS game. I definitely felt that child-like quality/theming of the game. Reminded me something along the lines of an annoying little brother screwing up a drawing I was working hard on, only to outsmart him with my imagination.

It did feel a little difficult to control the units at times, but perhaps it could be my own fault. Perhaps if the units were a bit bigger, it might help to alleviate this issue. I'd love to see this concept expanded further! I made a video with my gameplay and commentary, keep up the great work, it was a fun time!


Hey NLAigis, thanks for playing our game! We're glad to here that the theme landed so well with you because that's exactly what we were going for! We appreciated the playthrough and critique you recorded, and in fact, we have adjusted a few things both that you brought up and that we saw in the video.

This game was a 3 month class project so there were a lot of ideas that we had around this concept that we couldn't do or had to cut midway through the project due to scoping and time constraints. We also would love to expand on this concept, or see this concept expanded in the future!

Let us know if you had any more ideas or questions! We'd be happy to address them!