System Rework

How's it going everybody, we have reworked the systems behind Slapfest! so that we can easily build upon the project in the future as we continue to add more features to the game. We now fully support high quality 4 person controller slapping action and have changed some of the gameplay elements.

Unfortunately, no more tile generation as the level,  and for now, the arena is a giant plane where you can get knocked off. Look out for fully functioning slappable levels in the future! Also we will be implementing character accessories so that you can look cool while slapping your friends, or your enemies. Dope.

Next up: Rework for models, sound, UI, and maybe a few abilities thrown in there.

Hit up our feedback form. Let us know what you'd like to see in the future, or give us some comments about our game!

Get to slapping on PC and Mac. Go!


Slapfest! - Windows x64 24 MB
Nov 02, 2019
Slapfest! - Mac OSX 23 MB
Nov 02, 2019

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