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Hello everyone and welcome to Slapfest! My name is Michael and I'm joined by my buddies Corey and Kenny on this new project we are currently working on. This past weekend we participated in the USC MEGA Newbies and Vets Game Jam, and with the theme being "Boundless," we came up with this amazing arena brawler all about slapping with unconfined play boundaries and infinite speed and power scaling. But now that the game jam is over, we'd like to take this game to the next level, and turn it into something greater.

For starters, since we aren't confined to the theme of the game jam, we plan on making an actual playable arena that the characters can slap each other in with better quality models, textures, and art that aren't made in a few minutes. The arena will be a fixed size and players will not be able to be slapped off camera, so we will be incorporating some health system in order to determine winners.

We are also planning to add new mechanics and systems to make the game more competitive and entertaining. While making this game during the game jam, we had a few ideas for what we would like to have in future iterations of the game, and after the jam, we consolidated these ideas into a list, deciding on abilities, level and character design ideas, customization, etc. that we would implement in the next build and in future builds. All of this is still a work in progress and is subject to change.

If you are reading this, thank you so much and I hope you join along for the ride. We are planning on releasing a new build very soon!

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